Rajni Daswani

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Rajni Daswani

Director - Digital Marketing,


Rajni Daswani is the Director of Digital Marketing at SoCheers. With a diverse background in business economics, finance, and public relations, entrepreneurship, she has acquired a deep understanding of business fundamentals & the ever-changing digital landscape. Having restarted her career 4 times, Rajni is a relentless learner and advocates for a culture of continuous growth and innovation at SoCheers. She recognizes the importance of nurturing a team of passionate individuals who are encouraged to expand their creative horizons. This people-centric approach has been instrumental in shaping industry-defining campaigns under her guidance. Known for her commitment to fostering a collaborative work environment, Rajni has worked with her teams to successfully create some impactful campaigns for renowned brands, helping elevate SoCheers' reputation as a trusted name in the industry. Her dedication to continuous improvement, passion to meet client goals and her vigour for pushing boundaries have kept her at the forefront of the agency leadership.

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